Batch Pricing

25-unit batch pricing: $5000 a unit. New Bitmain S21 200t

Limited Availability: 25 BITMAIN S21 200T Miners

Secure your spot with elite mining hardware by getting the Bitmain S21 200T miner. This limited offer includes 25 units at a competitive price, but act fast; they won't last long. Please note that shipping and taxes will be added at checkout.

Key Features:

  • Hashrate: With a powerful hashrate of 200 terahash per second (TH/s), the BITMAIN S21 200T stands out in the elite class of mining hardware.
  • Efficiency: Experience enhanced power efficiency with a rate of 17.5 joules per terahash (J/TH), setting a new standard in the industry.
  • Power Consumption: Balanced for optimal operation, the miner consumes approximately 3500 watts (W), ensuring effective energy use.
  • A miner is being pre-ordered