About Us

ID34 Mining was established in 2022 as a Texas-owned crypto mining consulting business. We started with a few mining rigs and quickly began growing.

Our facility is equipped with the latest mining hardware, cooling systems, and security measures to ensure efficient and safe mining.

  • Van Shannon


    Director of Operations | AI | Cryptocurrency | Sustainability Advocate in Bitcoin Mining | Consultant

    An experienced Facilities Engineer hailing from Houston, Texas. My construction expertise comes from crafting advanced automated solutions. Currently serving as the Director of Operations at Id34 Mining LLP, I lead our endeavors in Bitcoin mining, employing AI and engineering. My dedication extends to sustainability, advocating for clean energy and innovative pollution solutions. I prioritize mentorship and ethical partnerships. Beyond work, I cherish quality family time, indulge in the elegance of jazz, and find solace in riding waves.

  • Robert Piña


    Director of Security Spe IT

    With over 6 years of crypto experience, excels in analyzing, assessing, and trading cryptocurrencies. He's known for spotting early trends in unconventional areas like memes and file storage projects. His early discovery of Kadena in 2021 highlights his keen insight. Currently involved in robotics and automation at MIAT, Robert also explores 3D printing, AI, and emerging technologies. As a CompTIA Security Specialist, he ensures our operations' security while maintaining a strong online presence as a meme enthusiast with a big heart. Robert is not only a valuable partner but also an indispensable and irreplaceable member of our ID34 Mining team.